The Challenge

Risk mitigation and security are fundamental challenges for many organizations. Central to an organization's mission is to protect their customers, constituents (including employees, citizens, students, and faculty), and company assets. The increasing convergence of risk management, physical security, and technology are enabling greater incident prevention and analysis, as well as, quicker decision making development and response across the organization. The acquisition and deployment of security solutions will increasingly require an understanding of how protecting the business operations of organizations functions within the IT infrastructure.

Convergence between physical security and the IT infrastructure allows for the integration of legacy and new technology solutions, requires seamless implementation across new and existing enterprise systems, and dictates the profile for the successful solution provider of the future. The implementation of security technology now more closely conforms to existing evaluative business models within the organization, and improves the organization's ability to better quantify the return on investment for their security solutions. Thus, the integration of physical security into all elements of the operation is becoming both a requirement and a substantial value to the organization.

The Solution

All of our solutions are turn-key; installation and maintenance responsibility are included. With Entec, your enterprise will profit from enhanced management capabilities while significantly reducing expenses. Our solutions have an unlimited range of applications including retail, state and local government, education, medicine. Services include:

  • Access Control

  • Burglar Alarm

  • Commercial Audio / Video

  • Computer Networks / Cybersecurity

  • Fire Alarm

  • Gate Operators / Barrier Gates / Toll Tags

  • Integrated Time and Attendance

  • Security Fencing

  • Structured Cabling

  • Surveillance

  • Training

  • Visitor Management

  • VOIP

  • Wireless Mesh Networks

The Guarentee

Integrity, Quality, Professional Service, and Market Value: Our client's needs are our top priority and in forming partnerships, Entec strives to become an integral part in protecting what matters most. By doing so we give our clients the much needed CONTROL thus ensuring a safe environment and better quality of life. Entec's goal is to exceed every expectation and ensure quality of service to our clients.