Residential Security

We will help you protect your home & family with a leading-edge security system.

Entec Solutions has been serving West Texas customers just like you with home security systems for over 15 years.

Our expertise and experience, including in complex and serious commerical and industrial situations, makes it very natural for us to offer you the best when it comes to protecting your home.


Leading Brands

We stay up-to-date on the latest developments, & your new equipment will be the most modern available.


Superior Service

Entec Solutions treats our customers automatically as VIPs—you will see the difference immediately.


Incredible Automation

Not science fiction but proven new technologies by Entec Solutions will give you complete control of your home's systems.


Amazing Apps

Control your system remotely, check in via a web portal, & get alerts all on your phone or other device.

Watch How A Comprehensive Home Security & Automation System From Entec Solutions Will Serve Your Family




Personal Home Safety & Proactive Wellness

Entec Solutions features personal security products for seniors or others needing support while living alone. Proactive Wellness for active seniors integrates health data, personal safety and emergency response with proactive and socially engaging wellness services.

Our solutions provide a more complete picture of overall health and wellness, enable prevention activities to effectively manage chronic conditions and follow-up care, while also reducing the financial burden on caregivers. Learn More

Numera Personal Safety products helping senior homeowner.


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