Industries & Service Sectors

How drones can help you meet your goals in your industry.


Wind Energy Inspection

Drones can be used for Wind Energy Inspection.

Drones are particulary suited to the demands of inspecting wind generator components:

  Greatly improve inspection time.

  Significantly improve safety by reducing human climbs.

  Gain detailed visual records (video) that can be reviewed by others.

  Quickly inspect otherwise hard-to-reach areas of the rig.

Construction of All Types

Drones deliver rapid inspections for constructions sites of all types.

Drones deliver rapid inspection of construction sites difficult or even impossible to obtain otherwise:

  Improve on-the-job inspection time.

  Reduce risk to inspectors/others.

  Gain detailed visual records (video) that can be reviewed as needed.

  Rapidly initiate corrective measures for the job before they become big problems.

Property Survey & Inspection

Drones provide surveillance for property inspections.

Drones provide a systematic overview of land parcels, property & real estate (including building or home inspections):

  Time to survey larger parcels is cut significantly.

  Obtain vantage points & an overview simply impossible from the ground.

  Demonstrate unique property attributes, landmarks & other important features distinctly & clearly.

  Gain detailed visual records (video) that can be reviewed by others.


Livestock Montoring/Inspection

 Drones used to monitor livestock.

Drones help your livestock operation reach new bounds of efficiency in monitoring cattle & other livestock:

  Greatly improve locating & per-animal accounting inspection time.

  Significantly increase accuracy & timeliness in identifying problems (loss, drought, predation, feed, & many others).

  Gain detailed visual records (video) that can be reviewed whenever needed.

  Quickly inspect otherwise remote areas.

Farm & Crop

 Drones used to boost savings while monitoring crops and farm.

Utilizing drones to monitor crops & inspect your operation provides amazing boosts in time savings & in information vital to your operation:

  Imaging enhancements can help you identify issues in real-time.

  Greatly reduce the time needed for monitoring & inspection typical of on-the-ground strategies.

  Monitor irrigation, drainage & other important elements that impact your crops, & from unique vantage points.

  Integrate your drone inspection with specific agricultural software for immensely powerful data that you can use to maximize yield or mitigate problems early.

Roadways/Mass Transportation Conduits

 Drones used for roadway surveys new constructions and maintenance and traffic.

Drones are a developing boon for monitoring essentially everything related to roadway surveys, new construction, maintenance, traffic usage & flow problems:

  Quickly gain both detailed & large span overviews of terrain, roadways, rail lines, associated power lines & any other element which impacts development or maintenance.

  Greatly improve data collection & analysis for a diverse set of operations - platting, surveys, proposals, engineering & others.

  Gain detailed visual records (video) that can be easily reviewed &/or archived.